Here's what people are saying about Bundle Beds...

"Best nights sleep at a festival I've ever had!! It was epic. The comfort/cozy levels need to be experienced to be believed. My boyfriend and I were fighting over who got to sleep in it. We may need to purchase a second! Eloisia (Festival Goer)   


"As one who is often delegated to sleeping on the floor when there are too many people and not enough rooms, this saves me from taking out the thin camping foam and hoping for the best. So thank you very much!" Erica (Kickstarter Backer) 


"We set up our two small Bundle Beds in tents in our spare bedrooms for when our two grandchildren came to stay. We also gave them a camping lantern to read themselves stories and they were so excited. They slept until 9am the following day which is unheard of and meant Grandma and Grandpa had a much needed lie in - brilliant, thank you!" Maggie (Grandparent)



"SO cosy Mummy!" Harry - 3 year old Bundle Bed fan


Bundle Beds at Samphire Festival